Beautanix Neroli Night Serum


Neroli Night Serum

Kiwi, Camelina, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Olive Squalene Oil, Remodelling Intense, Rosemary Antioxidant and Neroli Essential Oil.

This combination consists of the best anti-wrinkle rejuvenation oils, helps with elasticity and firms the face. Perfect for sensitive and irritated skin with breakouts. The essential oil of neroli is good for redness and stimulates the growth of healthy cells. The vitamin E is a skin healer and takes care of free radicals which cause skin ageing, with the use of squalene a derivative from the olive, it will help to naturally moisturise it keeping the skin supple.

As we age the sebum production in our skin slows down and the skin ages and dries out, however, this ingredient helps to naturally moisturise it. The remodelling intense comes from a small flower bud in South Africa and is proven to restructure and firm the body.

This serum consists of high doses of powerful oils, it has no thickening agent or artificial colours, therefore, it stays as an oil and is 100% natural.

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One pump before you go to sleep, massaging onto clean skin with upward and outward motions. Smooth onto the cheek bones gently and in an outwards direction gently towards the temples. Finally with the remainder sweep up the neck onto the décolletage.